What is Arthut Bangladesh?

Arthut Bangladesh is an online platform that connects art enthusiasts with artists across the country. As art is universal, we believe that it should be easily accessible to all, which is why we created a one-stop online marketplace that both artists and connoisseurs alike, can use to buy and sell art, by sitting at the comfort of their home.

Why Arthut Bangladesh?

Because this is the first and biggest platform for local artists. And we genuinely care for the people we serve.

Our team

A dynamic and dedicated young team

S.M. Shahariar Kabir

Chief Executive Officer

Rifad Islam

Chief Information & Technical Officer

Masud Rana

Executive Artist

Sameeha Saiful

Executive Artist

Roshni Parvin

Marketing Officer

Former Members

People who helped to grow Arthut Bangladesh
Former Chief Marketing Officer

Zarin Tasnim Neha

It was a tremendous journey of being part of Arthut Bangladesh. This is a platform that has a strong motive for our artist community and will take them to a place where no one ever imagined.

Former Content Writer

Armanul Karim

The past year with Arthut Bangladesh has been an amazing experience for me. Being an artist and art collector myself, I’ve always felt the necessity to have a common space online that can bridge the gap between local artists and art connoisseurs. Arthut Bangladesh offers just that, and more!