Arthut Bangladesh is a remarkable online platform that brings together art lovers and artists from all over the country. We strongly believe in the universal power of art and aim to make it easily accessible to everyone in a country where art is considered to be a luxury. To achieve this important goal, Arthut Bangladesh was established to create a bridge between artists and art enthusiasts. This is a one-stop destination for artists and art lovers. This platform allows for effortless buying and selling of artwork, all from the convenience of one’s own home.

Arthut Bangladesh, the largest online platform of its kind in the vibrant cultural landscape of Bangladesh, plays a vital role as a bridge connecting artists’ creative endeavors with art lovers’ discerning tastes. Our platform welcomes all the talented artists, providing them the opportunity to submit their artworks for sale along with the invaluable support of our skilled consultation team. At the same time, we offer art enthusiasts an enhanced purchasing experience by giving them access to a carefully selected collection of artworks that cater to their individual preferences. In a country where art is often considered a luxury, Arthut Bangladesh aims to be a force of change, promoting art and cultivating a deep appreciation among art lovers across the nation.

Our website showcases a diverse collection of artworks, which has been divided according to the categories like ‘Portrait,’ ‘Abstract,’ ‘Wildlife,’ ‘Digital,’ ‘Nature,’ ‘Still Life,’ ‘Cityscape,’ and ‘Others.’ This arrangement makes it easier for buyers to navigate through the site and find the type of artwork they desire to buy. We intend to provide an efficient process for our buyer so that they have a good experience from our site. However, our dedication to art goes beyond just selling. We have a dedicated ‘Blog’ page where readers can delve into informative and captivating content about various aspects of art and the stories behind the artists. This helps them connect with the vibrant artistic community on a deeper level.

To conclude, Arthut Bangladesh is not only the  biggest online marketplace for buying and selling artworks, but also a transformative force propelling the appreciation of art to a better extent. We are dedicatedly working to connect the artists and art lovers to justify our commitment to enrich Bangladesh’s artistic landscape. With every stroke of the brush and every click of a mouse, we strive to establish a legacy that celebrates the power and beauty of art in all its diverse forms.


Arthut Bangladesh is dedicated to establishing a vibrant and colorful artistic community by creating an online platform where artists can showcase their artworks, and art enthusiasts can navigate and buy from the unique collections. Our mission is to a platorm that not only connects artists with buyers but also promotes and celebrates art in Bangladesh.”


Arthut Bangladesh envisions a dynamic online platform where artists from every corner of Bangladesh can effortlessly showcase their creativity, and art lovers find a variety of captivating artworks. Our vision is to be the bridge for creating an art ecosystem, enabling widespread appreciation and recognition of Bangladeshi artistry on a global scale.”

Our Story

We started our journey back in 2019 by realizing the scarcity of a dedicated platform for the local artists of Bangladesh. However, things didn’t work in our favor and we had to shut down our dream project, Arthut Bangladesh. This resistance couldn’t stop us from establishing our dream project which was certain to bring a change. Later, we seamlessly worked for two years to create a strong base to establish Arthut Bangladesh. In 2021, finally after a lot of barriers we started our dream project. 

In the initial days we started with 5 individuals as a team, now we are a community of more than 300 amazingly talented local artists. We started with a very small service area which covered only 2 districts of the country, but now this is the biggest online platform serving throughout the country.

Why Arthut Bangladesh?

Arthut Bangladesh is an example of a broader vision towards the development of the sector of art in our country, Bangladesh. Here, local artists get very few opportunities to promote their artwork. Through Arthut Bangladesh, we provide artists not only the chance to promote their artworks but also to sell their works and earn. We believe through this platform we can bring a change and appreciate the local artists of Bangladesh.

Besides, for our buyer we ensure quality artworks through different steps of verification. Also, throughout the buying process we ensure the best service possible, starting from packaging to delivery.”

How to submit your artwork for sale?

People who help us to grow

Former Chief Information & Technical Officer

Rifad Islam

It was a delightful matter for me being able to develop the biggest online platform to buy and sell artworks in Bangladesh. This website works with a prestigious cause for the artist community of our country. Thus, being a part of developing this website as a web developer was a proud moment for me.

Former Chief Marketing Officer

Zarin Tasnim Neha

It was a tremendous journey of being part of Arthut Bangladesh. This is a platform that has a strong motive for our artist community and will take them to a place where no one ever imagined. Being able to coordinate the marketing aspects and contributing to this motive was certainly a great experience.

Former Content Writer

Armanul Karim

The past year with Arthut Bangladesh has been an amazing experience for me. Being an artist and art collector myself, I’ve always felt the necessity to have a common space online that can bridge the gap between local artists and art connoisseurs. Arthut Bangladesh offers just that, and more.